Fiction, film, art and design by:
Jay Corless

A short video tour of Istanbul. The visit starts with the dueling mosques and then moves to the Grand Bazaar. From there you’ll see Ortakoy, the Islands, Topkapi and Galata. Music by Digi Galessio sourced from the


p-520-450-7051d0bc-8a0d-49c3-a703-9a8dd3d11f3b.jpeg Quickly and briefly. Ptelevision started in 1996 when I couldn't watch TV. Without access to my favorite past time I tried other things. I tried writing, painting, photography, you name it. Ptv is what I did when nothing was on or I had nothing to do.  It's interesting what your mind will do when your eyes are free to roam. Read More


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