Fiction, film, art and design by:
Jay Corless
My Miami Guide

A colleague is going to Miami on vacation.  She apparently has a sweet deal to stay at the Seitai and a free flight.  How lucky is that?  I went to see her to talk about work and all she cared about was picking my brain about My Miami.  We got interrupted, I needed a coffee [...]

Silk Screen Miami

I’m back in Florida for a few days. My mom needed to get her passport renewed at the Venezuelan Embassy so I decided to take a little road trip with her to my place of birth. No I was not born in the embassy, I was born in Miami. It’s always nice to see the [...]


p-520-450-7051d0bc-8a0d-49c3-a703-9a8dd3d11f3b.jpeg Quickly and briefly. Ptelevision started in 1996 when I couldn't watch TV. Without access to my favorite past time I tried other things. I tried writing, painting, photography, you name it. Ptv is what I did when nothing was on or I had nothing to do.  It's interesting what your mind will do when your eyes are free to roam. Read More


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