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Jay Corless
One Day in Istanbul
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A short video tour of Istanbul. The visit starts with the dueling mosques and then moves to the Grand Bazaar. From there you’ll see Ortakoy, the Islands, Topkapi and Galata. Music by Digi Galessio sourced from the Share

My Miami Guide

A colleague is going to Miami on vacation.  She apparently has a sweet deal to stay at the Seitai and a free flight.  How lucky is that?  I went to see her to talk about work and all she cared about was picking my brain about My Miami.  We got interrupted, I needed a coffee [...]


As the subway was pulling into the station I saw this guy ride by. As soon as I spotted him I knew I wanted to remember him. I ran to his car to get these snaps. His bike had speakers. I imagined he was going to Manhattan to bring his shine and music to the [...]

Permanent Tourist

So there it is.  My proverbial first step into my new life and new city.  I’ve landed in New York City, via London, Miami and a cross country road trip exploring American creativity.  The truth is that really isn’t my first step.  I’ve been here a couple of days, but it is the first step [...]

The Last Goodbye

I left UNESCO for the last time yesterday. After thirteen years of almost fanatically serving a cause I walked away. I guess its early to describe the feelings I have for that place. It is after all where I have grown from a naive 21 year old intern to a realistic 34 year old man. [...]

The Orange Taxi

Painting, for me, is true freedom. Its singular freedom. I can do what I want, when I want and how I want it done. Its freedom from the worries, thoughts and suggestions of others. It’s me alone with a blank canvas. Sound great? Well it is, certain aspects of painting are anyway. There is the [...]

Walk and wonder

There was a moment; I think it was near the end of the movie, when Crocodile Dundee was preparing to go where ever it is that he was going. It was when he put on his leather hat, it was leather wasn’t it? He grabbed his bowie knife, slipped on his boots and announced to [...]

I’m in Oz

I was exploring my new city a couple of days.  I was on a walkabout.  I saw the world famous opera,  I saw the bay and the bridge. I think I must of walked miles on the first day.  It actually took me a couple of days to fully realize that I’m here.  This place, [...]

Yee Haw Renaissance!

Welcome back to regular programming of PTV. I stepped away for a couple of weeks to enjoy a bit of the “La Vita Local” in Italy. Now back to the stories from the Southern Fried Culture road trip.

Advertisement from Italy

This unpaid advertisement is for taking a moment away from it all to live La Vita Local. The background image was collected and compile from Google Image. The regurlarly scheduled “Southern Fried Culture” will return momentarily.

Sipping coffee overlooking the Tennessee

While sipping coffee on the deck of the Hunter Museum in Chattanooga with a view of the Tennessee River a sudden feeling of déjà vu overcame me.

Wrong Turn

I initially booked an economy car from Dollar-rent-a-car for my adventure through the Southeast. The culture is interesting but you definitely need a car to see it all. I got a car because I wanted to see three cities in two days and the train wasn’t going to cut it. I also wanted the peace of mind you can find from driving on open roads.

Cybershot – Berlin 5

I finally decided to visit Germany at the end of 2005.

Cybershots – New York Restaurants

On a nice April day in 2002 I strolled the streets of New York City looking for something to eat.


p-520-450-7051d0bc-8a0d-49c3-a703-9a8dd3d11f3b.jpeg Quickly and briefly. Ptelevision started in 1996 when I couldn't watch TV. Without access to my favorite past time I tried other things. I tried writing, painting, photography, you name it. Ptv is what I did when nothing was on or I had nothing to do.  It's interesting what your mind will do when your eyes are free to roam. Read More


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