Fiction, film, art and design by:
Jay Corless
New York

As the subway was pulling into the station I saw this guy ride by. As soon as I spotted him I knew I wanted to remember him. I ran to his car to get these snaps. His bike had speakers. I imagined he was going to Manhattan to bring his shine and music to the [...]

New York State of Mime – A Photo Album
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From New York State of Mime, posted by Jay Corless on 10/17/2009 (125 items) Location, location, location? Why? This is a Great retail space. Low rent, park and s… Cozy Roebling Tea Room We do blow dry Dumbo buildings Traffic circus Not moving in traffic Stuck in Traffic Staring at the sky. Sunset over Manhattan [...]

Subway Stories

New York City is the land of a thousand stories. Walk the city and they surround you, they almost suffocate you, they are here, there and everywhere. This is just one of a thousand Subway Story. Share

Coney Island – Now and Then

Coney Island was America’s first amusement park. This mash up video explores three video versions of the once famous attraction. Film from the 1930s, 1950s and 2010 has been fused to tell the tale of a disappearing cultural attraction. Share

Permanent Tourist

So there it is.  My proverbial first step into my new life and new city.  I’ve landed in New York City, via London, Miami and a cross country road trip exploring American creativity.  The truth is that really isn’t my first step.  I’ve been here a couple of days, but it is the first step [...]

I am Here to Understand

Haiku: Something so simple unseen, felt and devoured never ending love Share


p-520-450-7051d0bc-8a0d-49c3-a703-9a8dd3d11f3b.jpeg Quickly and briefly. Ptelevision started in 1996 when I couldn't watch TV. Without access to my favorite past time I tried other things. I tried writing, painting, photography, you name it. Ptv is what I did when nothing was on or I had nothing to do.  It's interesting what your mind will do when your eyes are free to roam. Read More


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