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The Last Goodbye

favoriteviewI left UNESCO for the last time yesterday. After thirteen years of almost fanatically serving a cause I walked away. I guess its early to describe the feelings I have for that place.

It is after all where I have grown from a naive 21 year old intern to a realistic 34 year old man. It’s not that I’ve given up on the dreams that forced me out of bed all those years it’s just time to seek out other experiences and do UNESCO’s work in different places.

In the marathon of departure meetings, stamps and signatures I was reminded again and again of why I loved my work so much. The mandate of the Organisation is important but its really the mix of 156 nationalities that work there that make it unique. Its a place that is truly a microcosm of the world’s peoples and cultures.

We argued, we debated and we disagreed. We laughed, we formed dynamic teams and we wasted and lost lots of time. During the best of times it felt like we could deliver miracles on demand, during the worst of times we watched as global events and circumstances steamrolled the best of intentions. In the end we did it all together.

I don’t know how much my time has truly affected me but I do know right now that I will miss the people the most. Secondly I will miss the views. The fantastic modernist views of Paris. So as I prepare my move to London and new challenges I’m sharing with you, my lone reader, my favorite view.

It is here where I sought silence and comfort. Where I cursed my bosses and colleagues and quietly cheered my personal achievements. Although I loved the people I had to have a place that I could call my own amid the chaos of the microcosm.  My place was just behind the Tadao Ando meditation centre with view of the Breur s-curve and the top of the Eiffel tower in the back.  Voila, my place.

I’ve also added a short little video of my last walk down the Director-General’s corridor. It took me thirteen years to earn an office on that hallway and it took me thirty seconds to walk down it one last time.


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