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Three great things for an old lady VIP to do in Paris on Bastille Day

Its day 21 or maybe 22, its actually day 23 now, I can’t remember any more. For regular readers you may have noticed my blogging on the Facebook Chronicles has fallen off a bit. It’s simply because I have been moving from cell to cell this week so finding a moment to write with a good internet connection has been difficult. Fear not, I have returned.

For this entry, I’m going back to the list idea, is actually a pretty cool one. It comes in via the Facebook inbox. I have had a couple of interesting questions and queries the past few days but this one definitely merits broader discussion. Since half of my community are Paris based I thought I would leverage, or at least try to leverage, the power of community to answer this question.

A Facebook and old friend, asked an interesting question she wondered if I had “any suggestions that are great for an old lady who is a VIP,” that were trendy, hip and included Bastille Day celebrations. I definitely have suggestions if they are suitable for an old, hipster VIP only time will tell. I would also like to hear what others have to say.

My Facebook community has answered the call in droves.  Don’t do the math, I only 110 Facebook friends so I don’t really know what would constitute a drove but I did get some feedback.

One quick thought before we start , too bad she couldn’t come last week during Gay Pride she could have had a blast! So in no particular order here is my list of Three great things for an old lady VIP to do in Paris on Bastille Day.


I’m a big fan of good food, interesting interiors and fantastic crowds that are accustomed to celebrities. Although I never have a problem with being recognized in these places I have crossed paths with a famous face or two. High on my list is Kong and Pershing Hall. They are both great places to feel as if you belong in the Parisian in crowd. I have never figured out who that crowd is but I assume they must occasionally dine at one of these places. As part of the LVMH Empire, Kong has unforgettable views and interiors. The Apple martinis are great.

Pershing Hall, not far off the Champs Elysee, is another great dinner option. The ambiance is cosmopolitan and chic. You wouldn’t be blamed for forgetting that you are in Paris in the above places. If you are looking for more French oriented settings a stopover at Joel Robochon’s Atelier is worth the visit. French media types and celebrities gather here on a regular basis. Another destination on their list is Le George at the top of Centre Pompidou. It’s a must if only for the views. There are of course the Michelin rated restaurants but I imagine you have all the guides for those.

If Japanese with a French flair is more your interest many a high ranking Diplomat swear by the joys of BenKay with views of the River Seine. Enjoy watching sumptuous Japanese dishes prepared in front of you with a stunning Parisian summer sun setting over the chef’s shoulder. Another great stop not far from the famed cafes of St Germain is Yen, a simple, elegant Japanese fine dining option that is always packed with black heads. A certain sign of quality.

A couple more restaurants that came up in discussions was Hotel du Nord off the Canal St Martin.  This hotel come restaurant has origins in the famous 1930s French film of the same name.  Its very likely that there wouldn’t be a celebrity in sight but the food is good, the ambiance is local and there’s plenty of space for a real lady to stretch her legs and tell her stories of conquer and friendship to a select and intimate group.

There wasn’t a clear decision on a creperie but for someone that is looking to discover a little more personal side of Paris there was strong feelings expressed that a trip to Paris was not complete without a crepe.


Paris is definitely the city for luxurious hotels. The Costes range of hotels seems to rank high on the trendsetter, in the know, jet setter list. While Hotel Crillion and the Ritz, of Lady Di fame will never disappoint. If you are looking for something smaller, quainter and in the definite heart of the Marais then try the Christian LaCroix, Le Petit Moulin.

A really great idea for a truly unique stay in a hotel with an incredible view is the room above the Hotel Everland, Palais de Tokyo.  This experimental room has been booked solid for many months but a woman of a certain stature, age and allure could definitely get into the this one of a kind location if she really wanted.  It would rank as one of her greatest ephemeral stays in Paris if she managed to get a room here.

Bastille Day

Given that we are dealing with an ageing beauty and VIP, I guess the fireman’s balls are off the agenda. Although these massive free parties should be considered by those who will be accompanying the grand dame on her trip to Paris. There seems to be no greater attraction for women than entering the mythical halls of a fire station full of firefighters in custom ready to dance the night away.

If drunken firefighters aren’t suitable then you could always try to find an invitation to the presidential Bastille Day Garden Party celebrations. They are rumored to be serious events with hundreds of people dressed in fine dress and hats, uncomfortably laughing and staring at each other. The scenery, the presidential gardens, must make up for the utter lack of boisterous joy of the guests and host.

If firemen and the president do not satisfy the demands of an aging socialite then she might do well to find a restaurant with a view of the Eiffel Tower. The yearly firework display takes place with the iron lady as a backdrop. This year will be one to remember since the tower will be tinted blue in commemoration of the French presidency of the European Union.


Kong and Pershing Hall.

Joel Robochon’s Atelier




Hotel du Nord


Le Petit Moulin.

Garden Party

Commemoration of the French presidency of the European Union.


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  1. Jay Corless

    Breizh Cafe for crepes and a glass of cider or breizh cola.
    87(?) rue vieille du temple


    Jul 04, 2008 @ 8:48 pm

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