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A state of being – One minute of peace

Day 41.  Yep, you guessed it I’m still in France.  It’s now been almost six weeks since I’ve been waiting for my visa to come through the UK Embassy in France with the hope of getting back to some normalcy.   I wouldn’t mind having a routine, waking up for work, waiting for vacation, meetings, lunches and colleagues.  This is the longest I’ve ever gone without having a routine in my life.  My vacations have even had routines and end date.  But here the only routine is finding a new place to sleep.  Its strange, all this loss of control in my professional life has actually helped me regain control in other places.  I guess its sometimes good to spend 6 weeks alone, thinking and contemplating life.  I really needed One minute of Peace.

So I guess you are wondering what’s up with all the photos huh?  Well they are testament to a little retreat I took recently.  In usual fashion to make it real, although this trip was almost surreal, I share a bit with you to really engrave it into memory.  Astonishing amounts have happened to me this past few weeks as has nothing.  The best thing, well one of the best things, is that I took a day trip to Etretat.  Literally translated the city’s name is State of Being.  At least that’s what I like to believe.  It’s a place where majestic white cliffs drop into the blue sea with violence and grandeur.

It’s a place where you can sit on a cobble stone beach and think about the life that is passing before you just beyond your shoes. The Sea and My Shoes. It’s a place where the idea of standing at the edge of a cliff and jumping suddenly becomes a potential reality.  I do like to think of myself as somewhat of a daredevil but here I would rather not.

It’s a place where churches appear on hilltops and seagulls follow your every move.

It’s a place that is magical.  It’s a place that must be shared with someone else to make it real.  Thanks for sharing it with me.  It’s now real.


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