Fiction, film, art and design by:
Jay Corless
Freedom – the Parison Sk8 Diaries

Day 44.  This was actually shot on Day 44 but it has taken me a couple of days to edit and post everything online.  The youtube mass uploader never works.  I’ve tried that thing several times and it bites.  Sorry for the delay.

The story?  Do you want this story?  I woke up suddenly overwhelmed with a feeling of suffocation.  I needed to move.  I needed to be free.  I needed to think and I needed some time alone.  Yes, I have been alone for over six weeks now.  But I needed to be alone in movement.  It helps me think in different ways.  It stimulates the mind.  Movement. Here you can come along for the ride.

Facts :  3 hours of video, 27 pictures, 5.3 hours of skating, a wet t-shirt and in the end a tired and happy man.  This is also for my niece and her boyfriend. Enjoy.

Intro to the Parison Sk8 Diary

So I wake up early on a Saturday morning with an insatiable desire to go skating.  I buy a board, and decide to film a pseudo tour guide to Paris on four wheels.
Duration 1’35.

Palais Tokyo

Introduction to Palais de Tokyo, the Chattanooga skate shop and a Skate Boarding belief system. Freedom, creativity and ingenuity.
Duration 4’10.

Once around the Palais Tokyo
I just had to hit the marble for a little bit.  It feels good to listen to the sound of the wheels click, click, click.  Its sweet music to anyone who knows the feeling.
Duration ’15.

Sidewalk shot of Eiffel Tower
This is a very quick glimpse of the Eiffel Tower but its the first time I’ve seen it new in a long time. Love the Lady.  Love all the ladies.
Duration ’18.

Dead Bird
I was making good progress towards Bercy and I suddenly put my hand on a dead bird. Totally nuts and incredibly disgusting.  Tastes good.
Duration ’20.

Pont Alexandre One
These broad sidewalks were like holding free crack out to a junkie.  If love is what you’re after this is the bridge to pursue those obsessions.  Get crack here too.
Duration ’45.

Skating Paris Plage
A short run down the world’s most famous fake beach. All kinds of people who shouldn’t be wearing bikinis. It may be better to walk the beach than skate it.
Duration ’41.

Green Tunnel to Simon Bolivar
Cruising down a fresh bike lane boarded by trees on Paris’ left bank when I realise that the statue of my mother’s liberator is nearby. I then suddenly realise that it isn’t.
Duration ’33.

A tribute to my Mother
A very quick tribute to the original revolutionary, my mother. Hasta siempre mommy dearest! With the hope of your dreams becoming reality very soon.
Duration ’58.

The Luva
A ride up the sidewalk of the world’s largest museum. Watch your volume levels on this one it gets a little spastic because I’m a spastic.
Duration 1’06.

Walk lazy freedom
Short talk on laziness, boards and freedom.  Skaters learn to overcome life’s obstacles with style and creativity thanks to four wheels attached to a board.
Duration 3’58.

Bercy Just Skate
A short discussion on the views, lessons and life of skaters.  There is pride and empowerment in marginalization. Get knocked down, get up and go again.
Duration 2’40.

Bercy Roaches
The arrival of the roaches. They come dressed to skate and kill. Tons of them. Small language warning.  No money, the president and dirty shirts.
Duration 1’59.

Vider mes poches
After six long weeks I needed a moment to empty my pockets. Its nice to take moment and reflect on why and how things make it into your pockets.
Duration 5’11.

Academie Francaise
On the way home I took the bus lanes and shared space with taxis, sidewalks and a fat biker. She honked at me so I had to get even.
Duration ’57.

Skating Invalide
If it wasn’t so hot I would’ve spent a little more time zig zagging these people in and around Invalides. In the end I was the only invalid.

Ponts Alexandre
I loved this wide bridge and the smooth sidewalks.  Is there a better bridge in Paris to skate across?  Watch for the German kids at the end.  Smack!
Duration ’53.
Dead Tired
After several hours of skating I finally make it back to the place where I started very tired, soaked and salty yet elated.  I love the world.
Duration 1’05.

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