Fiction, film, art and design by:
Jay Corless
Permanent Tourist


So there it is.  My proverbial first step into my new life and new city.  I’ve landed in New York City, via London, Miami and a cross country road trip exploring American creativity.  The truth is that really isn’t my first step.  I’ve been here a couple of days, but it is the first step of my first exploratory outings.  Yeah, I moved here for a job, a salary, and the city but more importantly I moved here for the city and the inspiration.  I love the walkability, the public transportation and the ever evolving chaos of millions of people coexisting within small geographic confines.

It actually took me a few days to settle, to understand how the city flows, to understand the distance between spaces and when the light is just right.  Yesterday I gambled on the afternoon light, mixing with the lights of Broadway.  Here’s the stories and ideas I captured.


Water Revolution

In my old job we often talked about the rapidly declining world water supply.  To bring attention to the matter we released several studies and DVD’s on the topic, Blue Gold, being my favorite.  This shot, with the hand reaching towards up, anguishing, towards the water tower capture the potential dangers of our dwindling fresh water supply.


What Are You?

I’ve got a friend who always wishes me farewell by saying “I hope you find what you are looking for.”  It never fails.  Every time I announce that I’m embarking on another move, journey or adventure he steadfastly delivers the same message. This image may be at the core of that quest.


Wake Up in A City of Lights

Sure, its a pretty worn and now commonplace refrain, so much so that if it is even murmured, the cliche accusation is blurted out immediately.  But who really cares?  What’s wrong with reenacting and reliving cliches?  Aren’t we each entitled to add our own chapter, no mater how minute, to the larger glorified story? I too want to wake up in a city of lights and am not ashamed to admit it.


The Crown Jewel of the Empire

There it is, once the tallest building in the world, the Empire State Building stands, silently, eloquently and confidently above its neighbors.

More soon.


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