Fiction, film, art and design by:
Jay Corless
Zero Minutes Magazine


On a lonely fall day a few years ago, I decided to write and photograph, in the spirit of Jack Kerouac, anything and everything that entered my lazy mind.  It was sort of my tribute to streaming conscientiousness.

But where Jack stopped at writing I added photography.  This was my first attempt at combining the expression of writing with the “of the moment” of digital picture taking.

I found the freedom of digital photography liberating. There was no error.  It was all going to be registered in computer memory.  No worries of bad pictures or missed moments or expensive developing.  Anything that caught my eye I stored for future reflection.

The liberation of digital photography combined with the thought of jotting down short phrases on post-it notes was exciting. Anything that crossed my mind I wrote for future ridicule.  Every color that made me glance twice I snapped. Utter freedom.

Whatever you know what I mean… I’ve now compiled hundreds of hours of writing and gigabytes of pics to one day be shared with an audience like you.  Here’s my first streaming conscientiousness photo essay.


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